Stroom Live is a platform that allows broadcasters to live stream high quality video from their professional cameras, using an Android mobile device. The use of consumer hardware, on both the transmission and receiving side, allows professionals to broadcast at a fraction of the cost of existing solutions.

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As Featured In
Mobile Phones as Transmitters
Stroom Live leverages the latest advances in mobile phone technology by using off-the-shelf android smart phones as transmission devices.
Multi-point Cloud Platform
The Stroom Live Cloud Platform allows multi-point streaming to popular live streaming platforms like YouTube Live, Facebook Live, or any other RTMP, HLS, and DASH based service or destination.
4k and HEVC Streaming Ready
Targeting the cutting edge and future of live streaming, Stroom Live provides a high-quality, 4k and HEVC ready broadcasting solution.
VR, 360° and 3D-Stereo Live Streaming
Be one of the first to live stream the future, using Stroom Live to broadcast your VR content in 360 and stereoscopic-360 in real-time.
Stroom Live Receiver
Using Stroom software on consumer hardware, the Stroom Live Receiver can decode live feeds in the studio and seamlessly output into your workflow through SDI, HDMI or over your network.
Management Dashboard
As part of our fully featured platform, Stroom Live includes a web-based dashboard for full stream, media, and device (mobile phones and Receivers) control.
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